Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Weeks famous female porn stars passed, and G had been a regular visitor to our home. More often than not, she and my wife would enjoy each other's company while I was at work or busy watching the kids. I never had a problem with my wife taking pornstar model pictures as a lover. To be honest, her extramarital activities increased her sexual drive, and my fantasy life, so much that when we were together the encounters became infused with a newness and excitement that we hadn't seen or felt for years in our bedroom, or living room, or kitchen, or even the laundry room once. And all of this was due in large part to Gs increased presence. She would be over de porn star gay just to spend time with my wife, but also to help with the housework, the kid sitting, and so many other things that we just couldnt seem to find the time to get done. And she would always seem to look great no matter what she was doing. She came over sometimes straight from the gym, and sometimes minnesota porn stars early in pornstar movie clip morning she had to use our shower to get readyan activity to which I never objected. Fact is, I think G used my wife being pregnant as an excuse to get out of her own house. Her relationship with her husband hadn't been going well for over a year, and I was beginning to think my family consisted of my wife, my daughter, and G and her girls.

The situation was far from objectionable, but as we entered the final weeks of my wife's pregnancy, sex was more often than not, not on her mind. Even my daughter commented on how much time at night I was spending in the office alone, on the computer, with the door locked. I don't know when exactly my wife hatched her plan, but she was either more grateful for my acceptance of her lover pornstar kaylee films I knew, or she simply loved me more than I had imagined last night she showed me just how much. Or to be more accurate, she let her lover show me.

I had just finished my daughter's bath and as we both wandered into the kitchen we could hear G and my wife talking.

"It's still early enough," my wife said.

"Well, at least let me go porn star kim chambers get it," G replied.

"No," my wife insisted as yana and pornstar spotted us. "You've done enough today." She walked to us and lifted our daughter into her arms. "You need to get home to your kids," she added.

"Fine, but I'm going to at least finish up these dishes," G insisted.

My wife looked at me for some help. "I'm not gonna try to stop her," I said.

My wife smiled and headed off valerie alain porn star the bedroom. "Come on sweetie, you and Mommy are going to the grocery store."

It wasn't long before my wife and daughter porn star gallery were out the door and I was on the computer. I checked my email to see if I had any feedback from the stories I had submitted to tai pornstars erotica web site, but there were none. As I scanned the titles of the new uploaded stories searching for a good fantasy, I realized porn stars pictures was just too uncomfortable having G in the next room and knowing my wife was not home. I resigned myself to another late night masturbation session, turned off the computer and headed into the kitchen.

There stood G pornstar lesbians her back to me. I let my eyes drift over her body for a moment and take pornstars draxia ivanovic the sight of her silky hair, thin waist and long legs her half shirt and shorts offering me a sample of her beautifully dark porn star cunningham smooth skin. I lost myself in the moment and in the sight of her. The story titles from the web site rushed back to me Taken Obedient Lover Virgin Slut Okay, so I have my moods like everyone else. pornstar lesbo
So how have things been around here the past few days? G asked, startling me and returning me to the present. She had turned and was wiping her soapy hands on the dishtowel.

Oh, fine," I stuttered, shifting my eyes to her smiling face. "Were all quite excited about the birth.

Yes, I remember when my second was due. I also remember how little time my husband and I had together.

Sure, time is a valuable commodity in a family.

So how are you two? G asked as she approached me by the refrigerator.

Were getting through it.

No, she continued as she opened the refrigerator and grabbed some water. How are you two doing?

What do you? My confusion vanished as the cold air against my skin and the suggestive look in her eyes snapped me out of pornstars selen dumfounded state. Oh! That. Well, it isnt like it used to be, but thats what you expect in the final few weeks, right?

Yes, but it doesnt have to be quite that bad. She replied.

Well I know we cant do too pornstars pierced when shes this close. Plus, she hasnt exactly felt in the mood lately anyway. I continued, You remember that too, right? I snapped back buy pornstar clothing to regain my control.

Oh yes, I remember. She said as she pushed the refrigerator door closed. I also remember how much my poor husband suffered not getting to feel me beneath him for all that time.

I swallowed hard. Yes, I can well imagine how frustrating that was for him.

Are you suffering?

Now? I asked shakily.

Right now. She stated.

Yea, you could say that. I managed to reply.

G slowly let her hand slide down my arm and take hold of nude latin pornstars hand. She raised it slowly to her waist and placed my hand against her skin. Let charlie pornstar movie help.

G, I dont think that

She stepped even closer and gazed up at me. Ill do pornstar gauge´┐Ż you want me to. Anything you need.

I nearly wavered but I simply couldnt do it. My wife had never intended me to be with another woman without her.

G, I said firmly removing my sarah jay pornstar from her waist. When my wife gets home we can discuss anything the two of you would like to do, but I wont do anything without her permission.

She nearly laughed out loud. I was taken aback and confused to say the least. What is so funny, I demanded.

Shaking her head she took a drink, See, this is why she loves you so much.

It was an odd moment to feel proud of myself, but there is no other way to describe it.

That is what she said you would say, G continued as she walked into the den and set down the glass.

What? I questioned as I followed.

Well, not those exact words, but she was sure I wouldnt be able to seduce you by myself.

Pardon my confusion, but you discussed this? I asked sternly.

Well, of course, She quipped. We are best friends.

Sure, but, I ameture porn stars on how to take this new bit of information. Still, I think you

G held out her hand and in it was a piece of paper. Read.

I took the paper as G walked over to the sofa and got comfortable.

What is it? I questioned.

Dont be worried, just read it.

I opened the paper latin mariah porn star recognized my wifes handwriting immediately. As I read, my jaw began to drop.

I know how much you enjoy jassie pornstar and I know how sexually frustrated you are right now. So, with that in mind, and remembering that it is ONLY SEX! I want you to do whatever you want with her. Consider it a gift for all the extra help youve given me during the pregnancy. Dont worry if you think its not a fair trade, you can always make it up to me later.

All My Love,

I told you she loved you, G said in a near whisper.

All I could do was look over at her sitting on the sofa. I wasnt sure if this was something I could do. I couldnt jump from a love letter to raw sex that quickly.

G saw it in my eyes. I know this because in her eyes I saw sympathy for me an understanding black female list porn star the conflicting thoughts running through my mind. She rose slowly and made her way back over to where I stood, motionless.

Yes, shes wonderful. G whispered. I love her too." She paused. "Now do as she tells you, and fuck me.

Still, I couldnt move as stunned by Gs words as by the blood racing to my awakened cock.

Aww now, dont make me beg you, she said. canadian porn star
I couldn't speak, or maybe I simply hesitated to see what she would say next.

Okay then, have it your way," she added as she lowered herself to her knees. boomis blond pornstars her lips and looking up at me she continued, "Please fuck me.

It only took me a moment to smile, then wipe the smile off my face and assume my role for the evening. I dont think so, I stated matter-of-factly.

Please? Please let me feel your cock inside me.

I dont think you want me badly enough.

Her eyes widened with an unexpected sincerity. No, youre wrong. I need you so bad it hurts. Im so wet just thinking about touching you.

Then for that, youll have to wait.

Aw, thats not fair.

Fair? No one said this would be fair. My voice had grown harsh and G knew exactly the kind of mood I was in when I grabbed her hair tightly. A breath escaped her lips.

You arent going to hurt me, are you? she pleaded.

I tightened my grip as my fingers intertwined with her soft hair. Ill do whatever I want. Pulling down slightly, I tilted her head back even more, exposing her dark, fragile neck. Now tell me how much you want to fuck me.

My words were callous and my tone was severe, and the french porn star boobs lips now at my mercy played along perfectly. Ill do what you ask, just please dont hurt me. She begged asian pornstar glossary I forced her to her feet and walked her back to the sofa.

Tell me. I commanded.

You know I want stormy pornostar I always want to. Since the first night we met Ive wanted to feel you inside me. Being around you, just knowing youre near always gets me wet.

Prove it. I spun her around to face the wall as I let go of her hair and slowly ran my hands down he body across her tiny waist to her hips. I grabbed and pulled her against me and she gasped when she felt my restrained cock press against her through our clothing. My thumbs hooked onto her shorts and I gave them a slight tug. Take them off! I commanded.

She complied, reaching down video clips of porn star unbuttoning, then unzipping her pants. She began to slowly slide them off but my patience quickly ran out. I shoved her toward the sofa until she was bending over, her ass facing me. I yanked the shorts down her thin legs she stepped out of them willingly. From my kneeling position, my face was only inches from her thighs. Slowly, and softly I slid my hands up her legs. As they reached her panties, the silence in the room again became evident to me. I reached back and then brought my hand down hard against her ass. The loud slapping sound was followed by a whimper.

Keep talking!

As I porn star shane up to lower her panties, G spoke softly. I think about you all the time now. I think about what you want to hardcore pornstars to hardcore pornstars me. I wonder if you are thinking about me. black women porn star wonder if you touch yourself at night and think about me touching you.

Her underwear was sliding down her thighs and I could see that she did not exaggerate when she said I made her wet.

At home, she continued. When my husband touches me, I think about you sometimes. I want it to be you touching me. I want it so badly.

When I removed her panties completely, I lifted them to my face and caressed my skin with the soft fabric. I could smell her lust and desire for me.

I come so hard when Im thinking of you, she continued.

At that admission, I spun her around until her neatly trimmed pubic hair was inches from my face. As I squeezed her ass with one hand, I dragged the other up her inner thigh and in a single motion slid two fingers into her waiting pussy. A soft moan left her mouth. As her wetness dripped slowly down and coated my hand I looked up at her. Her eyes were closed and so to capture her attention I squeezed her ass again--harder. She opened her eyes and looked down at me.

Tonight, I whispered. You will come hard for sure.

I don't know if she reacted to my promise of her pleasure, or to the fact that at that moment I began sliding my fingers in filmography porn star out of her warm body, but she definitely liked what was happening to her. As her eyes widened and she drew a breath deep into her, I let my fingers squirm inside her as they repeatedly pushed in and out of her flesh. At this she rolled her eyes back into her head and tilted her head back. Once again seeing her helpless neck exposed to me sent a new rush of blood to my growing cock. In a single motion I stood and with my free hand grabbed aeriel porn star throat firmly--never letting my manipulation of her pussy stop. G fell back onto the sofa and I help pornstar sylvia saint rings against it with my hold on her neck. Turning my attention back to her pleasure, I focused on driving my fingers into her faster and with just a bit more force. Finding a rhythm, I pushed into the folds of her open pussy, twisted my fingers in a kind of pleasure hardcore pornstars and every so often flicked my thumb against her clit porn star piercings photo gallery good measure. Since she had not even tried to open chiara pornstar eyes again, I opted for some aural stimulation to accompany my efforts. "Mmmmm, you are so fucking hot," I whispered.

My words pornstar lucky met with an approving moan.

"Come for me baby." I insisted. "Come for me real hard."

"Ahhhh" was her college girls 21 pornstars answer.

I kept up my efforts to satisfy her, but I slowed every time G seemed to get closer to cumming. After a few times, she noticed my pattern and finally broke out in a mixture of laughing and massive frustration. "What the hell are you doing to me?"

"Making you feel good." I stated innocently as I gave her clit a little extra attention.

"Mmm, that's the truth." She moaned.

"Don't worry, I told you that you would come, and you'll come," I added. "Just not until I get a lot more of you." Finally I released my grip on her neck and lowered hiv pornstars stds to the floor so that I could allow my tongue to take over for my fingers. First, I replaced my thumb and licked her every so often as I continued the slide my other fingers in and out of her.

"So sweet," pornstar genesis whispered. Licking her repeatedly I continued the barrage of compliments. "So warm and soft, and you are so fucking wet."

I think I heard her grin as I allowed my tongue to slide down between the folds of her dark skin and taste more of her pussy. "Mmmm," I moaned into her. "You taste so good."

"Ahhh, you probably say that pics free porn tara all the girls you're pornstar alexandria to fuck," she joked.

"Oh yeah?"

I sped up my assault as I licked faster, sucked harder and fucked her with two, then three fingers at the same time. "You think I'm hardcore pornstars gonna fuck you?" I asked. "You think I'm gonna give you the pleasure of feeling my big, hard cock inside this tight pussy of yours?"

I pounded even harder and faster as I spoke to porn star named cunningham "You want that?" I demanded. "You want me to fuck this tight, wet pussy of yours don't you?"

"Oh fuck yes!" she called out. "Oh please do it!"

"I will," I promised. "I'll fuck you good and long you little slut." The language changed her reaction slightly, but I picked up on the increase in her pleasure.

"Oh, you like that you little slut?" I asked. "You like the fact I know what a slut you really are?" Her body was rocking with my fingers star hot chocolate porn photos I punctuated my words with more licking and sucking.

"You fucking slut," gay sites I added. "Come for me now!"

As I blurted out my final order, I pressed my mouth against her dripping pussy and shot my tongue into black pornstar lesbians Pushing hard with my lip against her clit and my tongue sliding deep into her over and over again. Her body rose to meet my advances and I felt her hands grab my hair and squeeze hard. Pressing myself against her, I slid my hands under her ass for support and let her buck her hips rubbing her whole pussy against my lips and tongue. As she spread her wetness across my lips and chin I grabbed her ass hard, pressing my fingers into her flesh. Again, I moaned loudly into her, letting my voice vibrate against her. She returned my moans with screams as she arched her body into the air.

As her orgasm peeked, she tried to push my head away from her massively sensitive pussy, but I would have none of that. I gave her a few extra licks for full effect, then naked pornstars held my face as still as possible against her flesh. Trusting me to not move, she ceased her efforts to push me away and let me linger and feel her orgasm as it subsided.

Slowly, my face covered in her juices, I lowered her back down to the sofa never breaking our intimate contact. I moaned again, more softly, and she shivered at pornstars tabitha cash sensation against her skin. I knew she could feel me grin as she reacted with a pleasurable laugh of her own. pic porn star thumb
"Damn," she said. "That girls download free porn stars videos pornstar dates adult female porn star good."

Slowly lifting my face for the first time, I looked up at her strewn against the back of the sofa. As the cold air hit my cheeks and chin I smiled again. Looking at me with wonder and just a little bit of gratitude, she recognized that my lust was far from satisfied.

"This was supposed tony 18 porn star relieve your frustration, not mine," she said in a newly relaxed voice.

"It will," I replied. "It definitely will."

I pushed myself up from the floor and watched her reaction as she noticed, and was impressed by the fact, that I had managed to remove my pants sometime during the encounter. Once over that shock, her eyes drifted slowly over my body. A new look of lust came upon her as she allowed her gaze to rest on my semi-rigid cock now before her.

"Oh fuck," she quipped as she shifted her position on the couch. "I know we can make you harder than that."

"I'll believe it when I see it," I said mockingly.

She slid to the could be a porn star of the sofa, inches from me. "You'll do more than see it," she added.

I could already feel her warm breath on my skin. Slowly she drew her lips closer to the head of my cock, lingering for several moments. Licking her lips, pornstar brianna banks and images looked like a hungry animal about to pounce. I felt my own breathing quicken in anticipation as she pinned her hair behind her ear.

Do you know why I think Im going to enjoy this even more this time? she asked.

No, why? I whispered.

Because. she smiled slowly. This time, it isnt just to suck you off and make you cum in my mouth or on my lips and face.

G slowly reached her hands up, and lightly gripped my hardening cock. This time Im going to get you just hard enough to put this big beautiful cock inside me.

G was right she could get me harder. And those words were the perfect start. The perfect follow-up was, of course, wrapping her exotic, sensual lips around the head of my cock. And as she did devon pornstar hompage she squeezed lightly at its base. Cupping and massaging my balls with one hand, she porn star audio into me and began to slide her other hand up and down the length of my shaft. Allowing her mouth to slide down onto my cock, getting me wet, she picked up her pace as her tongue rubbed the under side of my hot porn star t head. Now it was my turn to roll my eyes and moan in pleasure. It may have actually been more like a whimper, but it was definitely in pleasure. asian pornstar archive
Fuck. I managed to say.

Soon. She replied in a brief moment when she allowed my cock to pop free from her mouth.

Faster and faster she worked my dick like there was nothing more important to her licking and sucking as if she had tasted nothing so sweet in her life. As she stroked, her grip would tighten and loosen in a rhythm that matched her hands twisting motion. She was, for at least several minutes, relentless in her efforts to get me as hard as possible. Occasionally G would break her pattern to speak, but she only sped up her stroking to make up for the absence of her lips.

Come on baby, she demanded. Get nice and hard for me.

I was doing my best as I watched her work. Biting my lip as she shoved her hand up and down my rod. Still rubbing my balls and licking and sucking to keep me wet. It was beautiful to watch her as she opened her mouth to take alphabetical listing of pornstars photos in my light flesh disappearing into her dark, hungry mouth.

Squeeze harder, I begged.

Damn, she answered. Youre like a annette haven porn star rock.

She squeezed as hard as she could and it felt perfect. The force of her grip on my shaft combined with the soft wetness of her lips and tongue on the head of my cock pushed me to porn star traci lords limit. Now was the time. Finally, I would get to fuck this beautiful little slut.

My eyes shot open pornstar francesca petitjean I gazed down at her with a look full of lust and need. films carlos mendes porn star pictures thought, one hand reached out and gripped her hair north homepage porn star pulled her face off of my cock. Tilting her head back, my other hand once again grabbed her neck and forced her to her feet. She was almost panting with anticipation. As she rose to her feet pamela anderson pornstar wiped her lips and chin dry. I drew her face to mine and stared into her glazed eyes.

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